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Glass Splashbacks
Glass Worktops
Printed Glass Panels

Glass Splashbacks And Worktops

A product that always looks stunning - adding value and style to new and old kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to clean and hygienic (finally no more grout). Every piece is toughened when manufactured so it is heat, water and impact proof.


A glass splashback and worktop will complement any bathroom, kitchen, bar area, laundry or shop. The sleek and seamless surface is the ultimate in elegance without visual interruption. A glass splashbacks & worktops comes in any colour and is also much easier to clean than tiles.


At The Liverpool Glass Company we can provide your splashbacks and worktops in a vast range of over 20,000 colours.

We can cut to any shape, round any corners include sand blasting and even tinting, tailoring to even the wildest imagination.

Benefits Of Glass Splashbacks And Worktops

Many people believe that glass splashbacks and worktops lack strength and versatility, when in fact we offer a wide range of toughened glass, which are heat, scratch and impact resistant that is suitable for the day to day living of the average family kitchen.


Hygiene is always a huge concern with everyone’s kitchens however splashbacks and worktops are completely non – porous and simple to clean. This mean there is no place for bacteria to harbor and/or stains to form, providing a completely effective worktop.


At The Liverpool Glass Company we are one of the leaders in design and up to date technology. Being able to offer such features as drainage grooves, pan stands and integrated appliances utilizing your kitchen space.

Measure/Template And Installation

To begin the process of your order we will first need to arrange a quote.  Most of the time this can be done over the phone, alternatively we can come out to your property and do a free estimation. 


Following this, a template date can be booked.  On the day we template we will require full access to your kitchen.  Please note that all sockets, switches, lights and pop up sockets must be in place so we can measure as accurately as possible.


At this stage we can start to think about what colour or print you may require, howerver,  you will not be forced into committing to a colour at this point,  as we have some time whilst the glass is being prosessed.


Once you have chosen your colour and the glass is ready,  we will call to see what is the best time for installation, this normally takes no longer then 4 to 6 hours for small to large kitchens, meaning minimal disruption to you and your home.



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